About Sabrina Villanueva

Based in Seattle, Sabrina Villanueva brings nearly a decade of professional experience in business consulting and marketing to her position at the Westin Building, one of the leading telecommunications and data center facilities in the United States. In this role, Mrs. Villanueva is responsible for developing and managing marketing initiatives, and events relevant to the Westin Building, as well as negotiating lease contracts and general management for the property. Sabrina Villanueva’s duties require her to give presentations, network with clients, and participate in strategic planning initiatives on a regular basis.

Along with maintaining her busy schedule at the Westin Building, Mrs. Villanueva also volunteers at the Hong Kong Association of Washington (HKAW), a nonprofit dedicated to promoting business between Washington State and China. As a Board Member, she organizes and participates in numerous fundraisers and donation drives throughout her local community. Other philanthropic activities include mentoring students at the University of Washington, spearheading a nonprofit Chinese-language scholarship program for high school students, and collaborating with Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) to create dozens of community-based projects.

To prepare for her career, Sabrina Villanueva earned a dual Bachelor’s degree in Chinese and Political Science at Western Washington University, as well as an MBA with a concentration in Business and Leadership at City University of Seattle. In her free time, she enjoys staying active with many outdoor pursuits, such as snowboarding, softball, and basketball. A dance enthusiast as well, Mrs. Villanueva has also served as a dance instructor, choreographer, and director. Keenly interested in exploring new cultures and learning foreign languages, she has lived and worked abroad and has traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe.


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